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October 1, 2021

The application of optical module and its ten common packaging forms

Optical module is composed of optoelectronic devices, functional circuits and optical interfaces. The optoelectronic device includes two parts: transmitting and receiving. The transmitting end converts the electrical signal into an optical signal, and after transmitting it through the optical fiber, the receiving end converts the optical signal into an electrical signal. structure The transmitting part […]

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September 26, 2021

Common Cisco optical module models

Cisco (full name: Cisco Systems, foreign name: Cisco Systems, Inc.) is a network solution supply company headquartered in the United States. The following table is a complete list of Cisco optical module models. 100M SFP optical module model describe GLC-GE-100FX Transmission distance: 2km Wavelength: 1310nm Interface: LC duplex ONS-SE-100-FX Transmission distance: 2km Wavelength: 1310nm Interface: […]

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September 19, 2021

10G optical module connection scheme

With the continuous upgrade and development of the network, the sales of optical modules are constantly rising, and various types of optical modules are emerging in an endless stream. Today, I will introduce the connection scheme of conventional 10G SFP+ optical modules. 10G SFP+ optical module direct connection solution ①10G SFP+ SR optical module direct […]

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August 29, 2021

The main parameters of the optical module: optical module transmission rate, optical module transmit power

1. Optical module transmission rate: refers to the number of bits transmitted per second, such as 100M, Gigabit, 10GE, etc. 2. Transmitting optical power and receiving sensitivity of optical module: Transmitting optical power refers to the light intensity at the transmitting end, and receiving sensitivity refers to the light intensity that can be detected. These […]

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