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What is the function of optical fiber attenuator?
The intensity of the optical signal received by the optical receiving device needs to be within a certain range, and the optical power cannot be too strong or too weak, otherwise the life of the device will be shortened or it will not work normally. The optical fiber attenuator is an optical passive device that […]
The difference between optical fiber terminal, optical transceiver and optical modem
Nowadays, in the current network communication projects, optical fiber terminal, optical fiber transceivers, and optical modems can be said to be widely used and highly respected by security personnel. So, are you concerned about the difference between these three? Is it clear? Next, the editor of Amini Technology will introduce the difference between optical transceivers, […]
The difference between 100M optical fiber transceiver and Gigabit optical fiber transceiver
The 100M optical fiber transceiver (also known as the 100M photoelectric converter) is a fast Ethernet converter. The optical fiber transceiver is fully compatible with IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, and IEEE802.1d standards. It supports three working modes: full duplex, half duplex, and adaptive. Gigabit optical fiber transceiver (also known as photoelectric converter) is a fast Ethernet, its […]
What are the common performance of optical fiber connectors
The performance of optical fiber connectors is first of all optical performance. In addition, the interchangeability, repeatability, tensile strength, temperature, and plug-in times of optical fiber connectors must also be considered. (1) Optical performance: The requirements for optical performance of optical fiber connectors are mainly the two most basic parameters of insertion loss and return […]
Introduction to the method of purchasing industrial-grade optical fiber modules
Everyone knows that the optical module is a key factor affecting the performance of the entire network. Especially in the industrial Ethernet, the network connection control is mostly large-scale industrial equipment. The stability of the optical module is particularly important. Then, how do we choose industrial-grade optical What about the module? Next, the editor of […]
Overview of optical fiber 40G optical module
The speed and capacity of information transmission are endless, and the growth momentum of the Internet is still unabated by 2020. High-bandwidth, low-cost optical module solutions have brought great convenience to network upgrades and new networks. The application of 40G optical module in Ethernet is realized through direct connection of optical fiber cable. OM3 and […]
Since the optical fiber is glass, why are you afraid of water?
When the optical cable is formed into a cable, there are two protection requirements for the optical fiber: one is that the optical fiber is less stressed; the other is that the optical fiber should be waterproof. The outermost layer of the optical cable is a plastic sheath, the inside is a metal sheath, and […]