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The application of optical module and its ten common packaging forms
Optical module is composed of optoelectronic devices, functional circuits and optical interfaces. The optoelectronic device includes two parts: transmitting and receiving. The transmitting end converts the electrical signal into an optical signal, and after transmitting it through the optical fiber, the receiving end converts the optical signal into an electrical signal. structure The transmitting part […]
Common Cisco optical module models
Cisco (full name: Cisco Systems, foreign name: Cisco Systems, Inc.) is a network solution supply company headquartered in the United States. The following table is a complete list of Cisco optical module models. 100M SFP optical module model describe GLC-GE-100FX Transmission distance: 2km Wavelength: 1310nm Interface: LC duplex ONS-SE-100-FX Transmission distance: 2km Wavelength: 1310nm Interface: […]
10G optical module connection scheme
With the continuous upgrade and development of the network, the sales of optical modules are constantly rising, and various types of optical modules are emerging in an endless stream. Today, I will introduce the connection scheme of conventional 10G SFP+ optical modules. 10G SFP+ optical module direct connection solution ①10G SFP+ SR optical module direct […]
Overview of optical fiber 40G optical module
The speed and capacity of information transmission are endless, and the growth momentum of the Internet is still unabated by 2020. High-bandwidth, low-cost optical module solutions have brought great convenience to network upgrades and new networks. The application of 40G optical module in Ethernet is realized through direct connection of optical fiber cable. OM3 and […]
Connection scheme of 40G optical module
40G direct connection solution ①SR4-SR4: Direct connection through multimode fiber of MPO/MTP interface ②LR4-LR4: Connect through the single-mode fiber of LC interface ③PSM4-PSM4: Connect through single-mode fiber with MPO/MTP interface 10G to 40G solutions ①SR4-SR4: Multi-mode optical fiber connection through MPO/MTP interface, splitter to 4 10G modules with LC interface ②PSM4-LR4: Through the single-mode fiber […]
What are the classifications of 40G optical modules?
40G QSFP+ optical modules are mainly divided into three types: QSFP+ 40G SR4, QSFP+ 40G LR4 and QSFP 40G PSM4, and their transmission rates are all 40G. QSFP+ 40G SR4 optical module QSFP+ 40G SR4 optical modules are often used with MPO/MTP connectors to connect to multi-mode optical fibers. The working wavelength is 850nm, and […]
By 2025, 800G Ethernet optical modules will dominate the market
LightCounting, an optical communications market research organization, pointed out that by 2025, 800G Ethernet optical modules will dominate this market. LightCounting pointed out that the world’s top 5 cloud vendors, Alibaba, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, will spend US$1.4 billion on Ethernet optical modules in 2020, and their spending will increase to more than US$3 […]
What are the precautions for the use of optical modules
The environment, temperature, speed, etc. used by optical modules are very different, but the use of optical modules is the same. Irregular use will cause some unnecessary problems, so how can we avoid problems caused by irregular use What? Now let me talk about the precautions for using the optical module. 1. The optical module […]
Optical fiber, optical module and optical interface common knowledge
The network share Optical fiber , Optical module Optical interface and common knowledge, and they hope to help everyone. Ethernet The switch of commonly used optical module SFP,GBIC, XFP, XENPAK. The full name of English: SFP:Small Form-factor Pluggabletransceiver, a small package pluggable transceiver GBIC:GigaBit Interface Converter, Gigabit Ethernet interface converter XFP:10-Gigabit small Form-factorPluggable transceiver Gigabit […]