July 5, 2016

Chinese made lead optical cable industry upgrade

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In 2016 the national communications network photoelectricity The joint meeting of experts in June 23 cable to 24 in Suzhou, Wujiang was held, the meeting by the China CEEIA wire and cable branch, China photoelectric cables and electronic components industry association Optical device Branch, China communication communication cable Enterprise Association optical cable Jointly hosted by the Specialized Committee, Ding Internet Touchplus information Corp.

Chinese Academy of engineering, Chinese Optical fiber The father of Zhao Zisen, chairman, national manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee, the former Ministry of machinery industry, the chief engineer Zhu Sen, chairman of Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute deputy director Jiang Bin to carry out joint meeting of experts, Ding Internet President Jiang Xiaoqiang optical cable industry leaders, experts and scholars, industry elite, around the intelligent manufacturing and product innovation communication light the cable industrys theme, in-depth discussions, guide industry development.

China made transformation direction for optical cable industry

Zhu Sen article pointed out that the intelligent manufacturing enterprises, involving many fields and disciplines, a supporting relationship and the complex system, but the building is conducive to the development of intelligent manufacturing industry ecology, formation of intelligent manufacturing cluster organism, can effectively promote the industry development.

China Association of communication enterprises of optical cable Specialized Committee that the Secretary General Duan Zhigang, Chinese entered the Internet era, the integration of information technology and industrialization, Chinese manufacturing 2025 a special China action to accelerate the transformation of manufacturing industry, promote photoelectric communication cable manufacturing intelligent development, the Internet economy is developing from consumption to production, industrial the Internet era is coming.

As the organizer of the meeting, Jiang Xiaoqiang said that the current China manufacturing industry has entered the ranks of great powers, but non manufacturing power, optical cable manufacturing industry as the industry segments, is facing the dilemma of cost advantage rapid decline and new competitive advantage has not yet formed. Chinese made is put forward and the application of the Internet industry, opened a window for optical cable for the transformation of wisdom. Ding Internet is based on this, in two aspects: one is to seek the wisdom of transformation of business model and development strategy of the wisdom of transformation, the two is to build a new eco system of manufacturing.

In the view of information communication Chinese Theil Institute Certification Center Zheng Yongliang, intelligent optical cable manufacturing industry should be divided into 4 steps: the first step, horizontal integration, the deployment of the Internet industry, realizing integration between devices; the second step, vertical integration, realize the enterprise information construction of vertical integration, digital workshop; the third step. The management concept of innovation; the fourth step, the value chain collaboration, namely the construction of research, production, supply and marketing, financial integration management, realize enterprise value chain integration and cooperation.

Cable enterprises should seize the big data The opportunity

Academician Zhao Zisen introduces the development of optical fiber communication, Zhao academician pointed out that the emergence of the fiber led to a technological revolution. At the same time, Zhao stressed, to cause great achievements have the spirit of dedication.

 optical fiber and cable The industry has entered a period of profit maximization, in the era of big data, optical cable enterprises should seize the opportunity to put data into reality benefit. Senior consultant, Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute Chinese Electrotechnical Society director Fan Zaiyun pointed out that the Specialized Committee of wire and cable. Ding and Internet in the field of big data rich accumulation, Ding Internet technology director Li Zhenyu also asked the experts to share Ding cabling in big data applications in solution.

Subsequently, prosper optoelectronics, yongding, The flames of communication Companies such as the annotation of large data applications, intelligent optical fiber cable plant construction, new technology and new material etc., deeply discussed Optical communicationThe front-end technology achievements and the development of intelligent manufacturing industry.

It is worth mentioning that the experts reached the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, leading communication optical cable industry technology innovation action is the consensus of the transformation and upgrading. Innovation driven by technology to lead the development of the industry pattern has been formed, innovation driven industrial upgrading of products, continue to make new contributions to the development of 13th Five-Year , the construction of communication optical cable industry of modern intelligent manufacturing system, and vigorously promote the intelligent manufacturing technology, technology system, reshaping the manufacturing production mode, and the form of industry the value chain is becoming the focus of the development of the industry consensus.


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