November 14, 2021

Nine problems encountered during the use of optical transceivers

Optical transceiver is the terminal equipment for optical signal transmission. We will inevitably encounter some problems during use. Next, the editor of Amini Technology will list some common problems encountered in the use of optical transceivers and the corresponding solutions in detail. Program, friends who are interested, let’s take a look!

(1) What is the difference between PDH optical transceiver and SDH optical transceiver?

In the digital transmission system. There are two digital transmission series. One is called “Plesiochronous Digital Series” for short PDH, and the other is called “Synchronous Digital Series” for short SDH.

PDH (Pseudo-Synchronous Digital Series) optical transceiver is a small-capacity optical transceiver. Generally it is applied in pairs. Call point-to-point application. The capacity is generally 4*E1.8*E1.16*E1.

SDH (Synchronous Digital Series) optical transceiver has a large capacity. Generally 16E1 to 4032E1.

SDH can replace PDH. But SDH cannot replace PDH.

(2) Optical transceiver failure: What happened to the dcc connection failure of the optical transceiver? How to solve the temperature limit?

dcc connection failure means that there is a problem with the network management channel connection of your optical transceiver, mainly check the network management interface and line.

The optical transceiver can generally work in an environment of about 50 degrees. If the power consumption of the machine itself is large, the heat will be large. As long as the working environment is maintained in the range of 0-50 degrees, the optical transceiver will have no problem. If it exceeds this range Otherwise, the optical transceiver will malfunction. It is best to add an air conditioner to the place where the optical transceiver is emitted. If the temperature exceeds the limit, the problem will be solved.

(3) How does the optical transceiver transmit the forward switching value?

It is necessary to customize the optical transceiver with switching value to transmit the switching value. Many manufacturers can do this. This machine can not transmit, so you have to use the optical transceiver with switching value module.

(4) In which province is the optical transceiver more active? I mean, if you want to sell in a certain region, which province should you choose?

We should put the problem in a more comprehensive way, thinking that putting an optical transceiver there alone is of no use. If there is a large amount of communication business, it should be in the Guangdong area, and their communication consumption level is higher.

Nine problems encountered in the use of optical transceivers

(5) How to connect the backup power supply to the optical transceiver?

Pulled 8 telephone lines from Telecom. Due to the long distance, they can only be made with optical fiber. The optical transceiver can only work when it has electricity. How to connect to the backup power supply except for 220? How many volts is the backup power supply? How much is it?

Optical transceivers generally have a built-in power supply. The better ones are usually powered by 9v dc, and almost use 5v power supply. If 220v AC is used for power supply, it can usually be used directly by plugging in, that is to say, the transformer is built-in. .

(6) How to connect the optical fiber jumper button to the optical transceiver? Only connect to the surveillance video signal! Is it to connect the bnc head directly to the transmitter optical transceiver, and then add it?

The whole transmission is like this. Camera—-Optical transceiver—-Jumper—Coupler—-Pigtail–Access to optical fiber—–Pigtail—Jumper ----Receiver----Matrix or hard disk video recorder

(7) Can the optical transceiver be directly connected to a 2m coaxial cable?

Fix the copper wire of the coaxial cable on the core of the plug and fix it with the small screw on it. Carefully press the outer shielded network cable on the outer ring, buckle it with a metal gland, and then tighten the plastic cap. Note that the two parts are separated and cannot be touched.

(8) What equipment are connected to both ends of the optical transceiver?

Generally, the 2M on the optical transceiver needs to be connected to the transmission relay board on the switch. There are dedicated connectors at both ends. Some are crimped and some are welded, and they must be receiving-to-sending and sending-to-receiving at both ends. The general 2M line The middle of the cable is the transmission signal line, and the outside mesh line is a shielded line.

(9) It is said that VGA optical transceiver is very powerful, so what is VGA optical transceiver and where is its power?

VGA digital optical transceiver is a device that transmits high-resolution (up to 1600×1200) analog or digital computer video signals through optical fiber and transmits the image signals to display terminals hundreds of meters or even kilometers away for display without loss. YKs series optical transceiver adopts pure digital transmission mode, which can fundamentally overcome the tailing, ghosting and other phenomena caused by ordinary copper core cable transmission system when transmitting high-frequency signals, and reproduce the image clearly. YKS series optical transceivers transmit optical signals without electromagnetic radiation, and the system has extremely high confidentiality. At the same time, the FS series optical transceiver completely isolates the display device and the signal source electrically, and has a very high anti-interference ability.

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