FTTX series desktop fiber optic FTTH terminal box AF002

This product is made of high strength plastic, UV, UV-resistant, water resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor wall hanging overhead and the use of the box a "lock" structure, opening and closing of the box simple, convenient, safe and practical lockingfeature .

SKU: A00061
General Details
1.FTTX series desktop fiber optic FTTH terminal box AF002 Features:

This product is made ​​of high strength plastic, UV, UV-resistant, water resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor wall hanging overhead and the use of the box a “lock” structure, opening and closing of the box simple, convenient, safe and practical lockingfeature . Splice tray page design easy to use, sub-fiber splice and complete separation,a more rational distribution.

2.FTTX series desktop fiber optic FTTH terminal box AF002 product specifications and capacity:

Housing size(L×W × H) Type splitter Adapter type Max ratio Max capacity(F)
150mm×110mm ×30mm Miniature optical splitter SC\LC\E2000 1:4 4
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