July 1, 2016

The last 100 meters of plastic optical fiber is an ideal medium

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From 2013 the State Council issued the broadband Chinese strategy and implementation plan , the Ministry of industry for four consecutive years to organize the implementation of the broadband China special action. China Telecommunications data Show that as of March 2015,Optical fiber network Family coverage is 6.8 times 3 years ago, the use of 8Mbps and above the fixed broadband subscribers is 5.6 times 3 years ago, in recent years, Chinas broadband development has been great strides forward.

Break the last mile.

However, the voice network speed drop fee is still high, the reason of copper back into the light over the years are still facing FTTH Last mile problem. along with FTTH The development of quartz fiber in home engineering has become increasingly powerless. Because different from the copper wire construction technology in the past, quartz fiber demanding welding technology to the construction team has brought great challenges; the lower mechanical properties lead to a failure prone to quartz fiber in the construction process.

In the community to advocate more attention and support at the same time, innovative, efficient and reliable home cabling solutions has become a hot research topic. Plastic optical fiber With its high short rate, strong mechanical properties, civilian procedures in home construction in talent shows itself.

Optimistic about the prospect of plastic optical fiber

Plastic optical fiber of high bandwidth, soft light, easy installation, no welding, no professional construction personnel, Fu Heyan safety standards, anti bending performance, easy in the narrow space of the indoor installation, because of its many advantages has become the fiber to the desktop (FTTD) is the most ideal medium for the last 100 meters, is to build a complete whole Optical communication The best medium for short distance transmission network. Plastic optical fiber communication system is the full implementation of the important means of copperquot, but also realize the broadband China strategy, promoting large-scale Internet action foundation.

At the same time, in promoting large-scale Internet operations, 2025 to promote China manufacturing process, greatly expand the application space of plastic optical fiber. Plastic optical fiber in industrial control, electric power industry, petroleum industry, automobile manufacturing, ships, aircraft, high-speed rail and other fields to obtain a wide range of applications, in addition, also used in some military fields.

Plastic optical fiber recognition has been promoted

In the communications industry, since the broadband Chinese strategy to promote, while the dominance of quartz fiber and plastic optical fiber as unshakable, but a part of quartz fiber cooperation recognized by more and more enterprises. In the country a number of enterprises and institutions, guidongdianli pilot project achieved initial success, the plastic optical fiber with the deployment of fiber optical network of quartz. Communication cable with plastic optical fiber to replace copper gradually all media, complete the copper back into the light.

The opportunity and strategy of development of plastic optical fiber

Obviously, in first-tier cities, rural areas and underdeveloped areas in broadband deployment and upgrade there is a great market space, the user demand is also rising sharply. This gives the new private enterprises more opportunities to enter the broadband market. Some city has private enterprise development a part of broadband users, the introduction of public funding of broadband market. The existing pattern will be broken, will not only stimulate the original private operators of broadband network transformation and service improvement, between the basic operators of the competition will intensify.

We should seize this opportunity to open the market of broadband access to private capital, private capital to attract more attention of operators of plastic optical fiber industry, hope to be able to effectively use the plastic optical fiber, to seize the market, forming a mutual win-win situation. The implementation of the national broadband network will be full coverage is the fundamental way to speed drop charges, a powerful helper development will also become the Internet. I believe the development of plastic optical fiber in the power industry will be a key step to open the industry door.


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