July 8, 2016

how Cable type is named? and how Chromatographic optical fiber cable?

Do you know the news optical cable The model is how to name? Mobile cable GM representative communication, GJ communication with the representative room (bureau) in cable, communication equipment GS cable, F represents the non metallic strength member. optical fiber and cable The chromatography is what?


Naming method of optical cable type (YD/T908-2000)

1, cable type consists of five parts.

I, II, III, IV and V

I, said cable categories

GY– communication outdoor optical cable

GJ– indoor fiber optic cable

MG– optical cable for coal mine

II, strengthen the component type

(no type) – metal reinforcing member

F– non metallic strength member

Third, structural characteristics

D– Optical fiber band structure

(unsigned) – loose tube stranded type structure

X– center tube structure

G– framing

T– filling type

Flame retardant Z– structure

C8–8 type self-supporting structure

IV, protective layer

Y– polyethylene sheath

W– with steel wire – polythene bonded sheath

S– steel – polythene bonded sheath

A– aluminum – polythene bonded sheath

V– PVC sheath

V, the outer protective layer

53- corrugated steel tape armoured PE sheathed longitudinal wrapping

23- around the Baotou Steel tape armoured PE sheath

33- thin steel wire wrapped armoured pesheath

43- thick steel wire wrapping armoured pesheath

333- double winding steel wire armoured and PE sheathed

The representation of cable specifications

The representation of 2, cable specifications

According to the number of fibers contained in the cable and category to express the specifications of optical fiber cable.

Example: 4 G.652 single-mode optical fiber cable specifications expressed as 4B1.1 or 4B1, if the different varieties of the same fiber cables contained in, in the middle size with a '' is.

If the optical fiber containing 4 multimode 50/125, said to 4A1a or 4A1.

Cable type composition code meaning

1, classification

Outdoor GY communication cable (field)

Mobile communication cable with GM

Room GJ (bureau) in optical fiber communication

GS communication equipment with optical fiber cable

With GH communication cable

Special cable for GT communication

2, strengthen the component

Non metallic strength member

F non metallic strength member

G heavy metal reinforcement member

3, optical cable Structure characteristics

S Optical fiber Loose covering structure

J fiber sleeve covered structure

The band structure of D fiber

No layer twist type structure

G skeleton groove structure

X cable (coating) center tube structure

T filled structure

B flat structure

Flame retardant Z

C self-supporting

4, sheath

Y polyethylene


F fluorine plastic

U polyurethane

E polyester elastomer

A aluminum – polythene bonded sheath

S steel – polythene bonded sheath

W steel strip – entrainment polythene bonded sheath

L aluminum

G steel

Q lead

fiber optic cable5

5, the outer sheath armor layer

0 armoured

2 double belt

3 fine round wire

4 Coarse Round Wire

5 corrugated steel

6 double round wire

Outside layer or sheath

1 fiber sheath

2 PVC sheath

3 polyethylene sheath

4 polyethylene sheath applying nylon sheath

5 polyethylene pipe

The fiber core

Directly by the Arabia figures

Fiber category

A multimode fiber

B single-mode fiber



Outdoor optical cable communication (GY) filling type structure (T) aluminum – polythene bonded sheath (A)

8 core (8) conventional single-mode fiber G.652C (B1.3)

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