MPO Fiber Optic Adapter Plastic

Aminite supply the MPO Fiber Optic Adapter Plastic, This mpo adapter comes standard in black, with additional colors available upon request.

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General Details
We offers the MPO Fiber Optic Adapter Plastic, this MPO Adapter comes standard in black, with additional colors available upon request.

MPO Fiber Optic Adapter Plastic

MPO Fiber Optic Adapter Plastic

Fiber optic adapters are used to provide a cable to cable or cable to equipment fiber optic connection. Our MPO adapters are with polymer housing, with flange type adapters and SC footprint types available.The singlemode or multimode MPO fiber optic products available from Aminite are multifiber connections used in high-density backplane and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) applications in data and telecommunications systems.They offer up to 12 times the density of standard MPO connectors, providing signficant space and cost savings.

  1. Application
  • Telecommunication Network
  • Test Equipment
  • Gigabit ethernet
  • CATV
  • Video
  • Active device / Transceiver interface
  • Metro networks
  • Local Area Networks (LANs)
  • Premise installations
  • Industrial, military and Multimedia
  1. Features
  • Low insertion and return loss and back reflection
  • Excellent concentricity
  • Convenience and ease of handling
  • Environmentally stable
  • UL94 V-0 rated plastic housting or metal housings available
  • Compact design,
  • High precision alignment
  • accomodating 4, 8 or 12 fiber ribbons
  1. Compliance
  • Bellcore TA-NWT-001209
  • Telcordia, ANSI, TIA/EIA, NTT and JIS compliance
  • QSFP, CXPv
  1. Specification
Characteristics Value
Insertion Loss(dB) <0.2
Durability   200 Matings (dB) <0.2
Operating Temperature (℃) -40~+85
Storage Temperature(℃) -50~+85
  1. Sleeves
  • Zirconia Sleeves Adapters



  • Phosphor Bronze Adapter Sleeve




  1. Specification Images
MPO Adapter1

MPO Fiber Optic Adapter Plastic Specification Image

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