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June 24, 2016

Three consecutive years of successful telecommunication Fiberhome highlights the market advantages of trunk

Reuters this month China Telecom In the sunshine procurement online announced the 2016 annual route optical cable Line project (the first batch) the successful results of cable procurement projects, only The flames of communication YOFC finalists and two manufacturers. 2016 trunk cable line engineering (first batch) including Guangzhou Jiujiang trunk cable line engineering and Mongolia […]

June 24, 2016

Zheng Yongliang: Institute of ICT photoelectric cable intelligent manufacturing development is divided into four steps

In 2016 the national communications network photoelectricity The joint meeting of experts on the cable was held in Suzhou Wujiang on June 23rd, the meeting by the China CEEIA wire and cable branch, Chinese photoelectric cables and electronic components industry association Optical device Branch, China communication communication cable Enterprise Association optical cable Jointly organized by […]

June 24, 2016

Hengtong model G.654.E optical fiber through the first national trunk project approval

Reuters China Unicom Experts and manufacturers in Xinjiangs first international land route of large capacity G.654.E Optical fiber Acceptance of communication engineering. Jiangsu Hengtong optical fiber Polytron Technologies Inc as a leader in enterprise of domestic fiber industry were invited to participate in the project acceptance. The national trunk project is located in Xinjiang Hami Balikun, line distance […]

June 23, 2016

Chinas ADSS cable up to 15% annual growth momentum

From the next few years, the development speed of wire and cable industry in China will be higher than the speed of development of the national economy, is expected to reach more than 10%. Especially the power lines and ADSS optical cableThe average annual growth of up to 15%, the momentum of rapid. In recent […]

June 22, 2016

Basic knowledge of fiber optic cable 45

Introduction: The nonlinear effect will cause additional loss and interference, deterioration of system performance. WDM high power optical system and optical fiber transmission along the long distance, therefore produce nonlinear distortion. Nonlinear distortion has stimulated scattering and nonlinear refractive index of two. 1 Introduction Optical fiber The composition. Answer: the fiber consists of two basic […]

June 22, 2016

Welcome 400G our fiber technology innovation speed

Introduction: At present, in the 100G scale deployment, application and development of 400G and 1T – 100G technology is also on the agenda. At present, including telecom operators, optical fiber and cable manufacturers, the parties are actively exploring, ultra low loss large effective area of new land for optical fiber technology, 400G. The rise of […]

June 22, 2016

Behind the super 2000 patents: how well read the good innovation of fiber optical?

Reuters three times in a row on the CCTV news broadcast, Xinhua news agency, peoples daily, Guangming Daily and other media repeatedly reported, the era model Cui Genliang and his well recently become the focus of people attention and hot, especially the spirit of independent innovation won acclaim. There is a saying called monk chanting, […]

June 22, 2016

The future development trend of optical fiber communication: three one drop

To commemorate the Optical fiber The invention of the 50 anniversary of the General Assembly held in beijing. Optical fiber brings a revolution in technology, Information Photonics and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Optical communication Executive president, Information Photonics and optical communications, National Key Research Institute experiment Department deputy director Professor Ji Yuefeng said in […]

June 21, 2016

From concept to the floor on the road has been the development of new fiber Benz

Introduction: The arrival of the era of 400G, put forward higher requirements to the existing network. This means not only need to improve the equipment performance, but also means that the industry needs to find a new type of optical fiber is more suitable for large capacity and long distance transmission. At present, the mainstream […]