August 31, 2016

Optic Fiber Connectors market to grow at 9.65% annually till 2020

Fiber connectors are an essential part of any system that transfers optical signals through optical fibers. Recently the website RnR Market Research released a report that says the global market for this particular technology is expected to grow at 9.65% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) between 2016 and 2020. The report has been prepared using insights from highly respected experts in the field who have first-hand experience and a lot of knowledge about the market landscape as well as growth prospects.

What are Fiber Connectors?

Optical fiber connectors are used at the end of optical fibers and work much better than a mechanical splice. When an optic fiber terminates in a fiber connector not only does it make connection smoother but disconnecting the fiber also becomes very easy. Using mechanical coupling to properly align the cores of the optical fibers, the fiber connectors make sure light passes without any loss in intensity.

This means the total amount of light lost due to reflection, refraction, absorption or misalignment of optical fibers is completely negligible. There are many different types of fiber connectors used in different purposes ranging from aerospace to your home appliances.

What are the major companies that trade in Fiber Connectors?

Making fiber connectors requires a high level of technical expertise and it has to be tuned and properly polished to be completely efficient. Thus, most manufacturers sell connectors that are already assembled and connected with the optical fiber. Fiber connectors are produced by many companies but there is no single one that dominates it.

The following businesses are the main traders in the worldwide fiber connector market: Amphenol Corporation, 3M, Alcatel-Lucent, Corning Cable Systems, Diamond, ADTEK, Furukawa Electric, Molex, Ratioplast-OptoElectronics, Optical Cable, Hirose Electric, Sterlite Optical Technologies, Shenzhen DYS Fiber Optic Technology, TE Connectivity, and Sumitomo Electric Industries.

Uses of Fiber Connectors

These useful devices are very common in telephone company central offices and in the outdoor plant applications like connecting cables and equipment. Specially made optical fiber connectors called Aviation Intermediate Mediate (also known as Avio or Avim) are used in fields of aviation and avionics.  They have a variety of uses in computers and are found in – printed circuit boards, LAN, IBM mainframe computers and peripherals.

They are also found in audio systems, industrial lasers and the telecom multimode. The military and telecom industry use special types of fiber connectors for different but very specific purposes.

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