September 4, 2016

Optical cable testers are user friendly fiber optic products

Optical cable testers are used for accurate and instantaneous measurement of the performance of a large variety of fiber optical components. Everyday new and advanced technologies are created and their testing confirms that they are working as per requirements. Testing these products is very important as hey reveal any problems that might turn up during actual application in the field.

Optical cable tester helps technicians accurately troubleshoot any problems that may occur in optical cables which are being installed for network connections.  There are a large variety of cable testers available on the market but one must choose a specific device according to his work when buying one.


An optical cable tester is one of the most important fiber optic products. These ingeniously designed devices work not only work on single mode fiber networks but are also capable of doing a decent job on multiple mode networks also. These testers deliver accurate data in a matter of seconds and clear pass/ fail results that make the work of any technician easy. Some advanced models even come with the ability to automatically find the fault in the system and point it out. Thus it saves a lot of time and thus money, leading to very minimal delays due to network downtime.


Whenever a system that makes use of fiber optic products like a large and local area network (LAN) goes down, it can be a painstaking and lengthy process to find out what went wrong – let alone fix it. Optical cable testers are specially designed to ease this process and help in testing and troubleshooting.

With a user friendly interface that produces simple pass/fail results technicians don’t have to process any expert skills to interact with and read the device. Expensive models come with preprogrammed advanced algorithms that help to identify and locate faults in a matter of seconds with unmatched accuracy.

OTDR Testing

OTDR’s are incredibly complex and offer an all in one solution for multimode network testing. When testing any kind of fiber optic products the OTDR are the most powerful tool available in the market. However using an OTDR requires a lot of experience and technical expertise not every technician possesses. Setting up an OTDR can be as challenging as using it too. Offering automatic testing options, these powerful machines often help in cutting out hours of manual work by technicians in order to locate and fix faults.

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