July 15, 2016

The interpretation of the comprehensive wiring 12 hot technology trends

The network cabling industry, although it is only a wiring system, from the previous phone paired cable wiring system to structured cabling system today, the impact of the construction of the intelligent building, and is intelligent residential district, community, city and the extension Data center Field. It is the most fundamental part of intelligent systems, information and communications infrastructure is indispensable, is all intelligent nerve hub. Therefore, the comprehensive wiring has strong vitality.


The status quo Chinese wiring

With cloud computing, big data The rise of the Internet, now, whether individuals or businesses, to network The increasing demand of integrated wiring system with lighting, heating, electricity, become one of the basic construction project construction, so the cabling market in recent years has been increasing steadily.

China cabling market has been accompanied by the development of intelligent building and promoting. In accordance with the China intelligent building industry development report (2013-2018) to provide information, Chinas 11th Five-Year period, Chinese building industry has maintained a more than 20% year, intelligent building investment of about 4000 yuan. From the wiring system development report, we can see the wiring in recent years annual overall size of about 50 yuan, a compound annual growth rate was reached 10 ~ 15%. China cabling market showing a steady growth momentum.

In recent years, the domestic cabling market showing the scene, contention of a hundred schools of thought All flowers bloom together. cabling market, facing a hitherto unknown prosperity. According to statistics, at present the foreign cabling manufacturer to enter the domestic market of about more than and 30. These manufacturers are mainly in the production and sale of high-end products with advanced high performance, are known, has a very high brand awareness and industry awareness in the industry; at the same time, in the mainland is also active in some Hong Kong and Taiwan wiring products manufacturers, they produce products with good price, the price lower than the foreign brands, among the main products ranging from high-end and low-end.

The integrated wiring system has been widely used in buildings, buildings and the area of the distribution network, at the same time, it is also widely used in industrial projects, including the production line, Experiment Room. The integrated wiring system as a kind of infrastructure, system engineering in intelligence has become an integral part of.

With the development of information network and communication network, to promote the simultaneous development of products, technology and standards of integrated wiring system. In general, the integrated wiring is the transmission medium network interconnection, is a channel of information transmission, must be the lifeline of intelligent buildings, whether the owners or the end user of intelligent building integrated wiring system puts forward higher requirements.

Chinese has a large number of communication cable production enterprises, the production process with integrated wiring, is fully capable of producing a wiring device and cable quality to. At the same time, the domestic manufacturers of cable can achieve universal, applicability and practicability of international standards. The biggest advantage of domestic products is the price is low, competition ability.


Analysis of driving force of the market

Cabling market is ushering in a hitherto unknown prosperity, the less not all aspects of the driving force, the main:

1, 2012, the national policy: promote broadband Chinese implementation of the strategy, including the national development and Reform Commission and other eight ministries jointly study the broadband Chinese strategy implementation plan, and residential and residential construction FTTH Specification for design of communication facilities engineering and residential and residential construction Optical fiberTo the home communication facilities construction and acceptance two mandatory national standards establishment, promotion and implementation. The FTTH widely implemented. The application of Home Furnishing cabling system with optical fiber, ushered in a rapid development opportunities.

2, standard: the revision of the national standard GB50311 design standard GB50312 integrated wiring system engineering and engineering acceptance of generic cabling system standard implementation; TIA568C commercial building generic cabling infrastructure standards, TIA-606-B communication infrastructure management standard and TIA-942-A standard data center edition and has released, as well as by the working group on integrated wiring write a series of wiring system application technology white paper greatly promoted the development of integrated wiring industry.

3, big data applications: the wiring project from the data center point of view, large projects above 10000 points has accounted for about 20%. The so-called big data, in fact, is a kind of new processing mode by making huge amounts of data information assets have a greater value, behind the technology involved, the cabling market is both an opportunity and a challenge, and it means that the integrated wiring products meet the needs of high-speed, intelligent, management, energy conservation and other requirements, to in line with the development trend of cloud computing module and network virtualization, big data corresponding to the.

Wiring technology trends

When it comes to wiring the future trend, reflected from the technology, there are 12 major hot spots.

First, the application of 6A class 7, 7A class to support Gigabit routing network Transport demand.

Second, OM3, OM4 multi-mode Optical fiber And the single mode optical fiber and optical fiber to the desktop, fiber to the user, the user application of fiber to the civil construction unit, optical fiber with transmission distance and information security advantages, in the residential area, with the optical fiber and optical fiber access system, a multi service platform for broadband information access provides the conditions. Optical fiber distribution system is mainly based on user demand for services, the demand for the network, and the development of image needs. In the future everyone in the family network, use a lot of advantages of fiber, its safety is good, fast speed, strong anti-interference ability, high transmission speed, high transmission quality, have been recognized. The application of optical fiber is a trend, it is technically no problem, the key is the price of optical network equipment port.

Third, shielded cabling systems. From information security, the wiring system more applications, such as some of the security requirements are relatively high, the government bank places and confidential departments usually use shielding system.

Fourth, electronic wiring frame and management software. Electronic wiring frame is mainly direct real-time management of the port, through hardware and software to record usage. It is mainly to ensure the security of the network, but also can save the amount of operation and maintenance, greatly reduce maintenance costs, improve work efficiency.

Fifth, end to end solutions. Is the work area to another port or with the external network link from a working area of the port, to provide comprehensive solutions, which makes users in the application is very convenient, and now many companies are from the construction of electrical wiring of the whole service in this area.

Sixth, room layout. Everyones attention Data center Room layout, and office wiring requirements are not the same, emphasizing the wiring and the environment in the room. Special emphasis on regional distribution, the product selection level is higher.

Seventh, using high density devices. Optical and electrical connector module volume reduction, the installation density increased, raising the level of manufacturing technology, make the function unchanged, but take up less space, especially in the data The application of network engineering center.

Eighth, the power wiring system, integrated wiring line for both signal transmission and power supply. The use of integrated wiring power supply wiring in two ways, one is two to two of the power line transmission signal, the other is completed at the same time of signal transmission and power supply line. Application of terminal equipment to the network using the TCP/IP protocol is very favorable, can greatly reduce the electric power socket.

Ninth, industrial grade wiring. Cabling products industrial grade in harsh environment, ensure the normal transmission of information. Such as outdoor conditions, industrial and mining enterprises of the production site. Wiring docking industrial grade plug device in waterproof and dustproof and put forward higher requirements, so for the application of information network in industrial production provides basic conditions.

Tenth, the application of high flame retardant cable, although this kind of product cost is high, but it can open the cable laying, conducive to the maintenance and system expansion. For this type of product, we in the selection of fire rating, not completely depends on the material, but to meet the corresponding standard fire tests can be. At present this kind of products at airports, hospitals and other places have some special applications more.

Eleventh, Home Furnishing cabling system. There are two concepts: one is the only complete wiring and management function, two is completed with the wiring management function, and storage, processing, exchange of information. Domestic manufacturers in the Home Furnishing wiring of this piece was the more successful, more in line with the Chinese. Home Furnishing cabling system integration for information network and residential wiring pipeline integration can play a positive role, it complies with the requirements of the regulations and policies of the state. This point should be to real estate developers for the right of publicity and guidance. Home Furnishing wiring as an industry, as long as the adaptation Chinese conditions, adapt to the application developers, adapt to the needs of users, it will have certain development prospects.

Twelfth, high precision engineering Tester The table and logo. With the increasing level of the wiring system, wiring channel and link detection, the accuracy of instrument is more demanding, and documentation requirements will also be put forward in chinese. The label content in engineering and show the correct label material, provide a guarantee for the normal operation of the project.

Of course, with the development of technology, there will be a hot technology more recognized by the market.


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